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Summer Savory 夏香薄荷 (1000 seeds)

Summer Savory 夏香薄荷 (1000 seeds)

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(Satureia hortensis)

*Height: 18 inches

*Sow 1.5mm deep on well drained soil. Like full sun but avoid direct hot sun

*Summer savory is a compact, bushy annual herb. Leaves are used much like thyme and marjoram, as a seasoning for fish, pork, and turkey. Chopped leaves can be used in stuffing, soup, and stew, or boiled with beans and peas. Its flavor is hot and slightly bitter. It may be used as a garnishment with, or in place of, parsley.

*Summer savory can be planted with beans to keep away beetles. Seeds may be sown directly in rich light soil with exposure to plenty of sun, or they may be started indoors in later winter. Seeds germinate in under 14 days and crops are ready to harvest in 60 days.

*Summer savory has aromatic and carminative properties; teas may be taken to relieve colic, upset stomachs, sore throats, and flatulence. Savory contains oils and tannins that make it a mild astringent and antiseptic. Savory can be rubbed on insect stings and minor skin irritations.




 - 香薄荷茎稍木质化,分枝柔软,有芳香气味。叶广卵形,先端钝圆,浅绿色,对生。圆锥花序顶生或腋生
 - 薄荷是多年生芳香草本。根茎匍匐深入土壤内。每年靠地下匍匐茎就可大量生长繁殖。叶片呈披针状、卯形披针状或长圆形披针状,边缘有齿。轮伞花序腋生,花冠淡紫色。感觉薄荷的用途已经被广泛接受,从做粥做冰品到喝茶到入菜都很普遍。