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Chives虾夷葱 (500 herbs seeds)

Chives虾夷葱 (500 herbs seeds)

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*A subtle onion flavour excellent in salads, stews, scrambled egg or baked potatoes. Recommended as an internal antiseptic or antibacterial agent and for easing coughs and colds. Fresh chives also help stimulate the appetite and promote digestion. 

*Useful against flu, sore throats, laryngitis, hay fever and stress. 


Sowing / Soil / Sun

*Chives will grow in almost all soils. Use normal potting compost. Sow on damp soil 12mm (½in) deep in rows 30cm (12in) apart. They are drought tolerant.

*The easiest herbs to grow from seed. Can be planted directly outdoors in a sunny location or started indoors and transplanted after eight weeks. Full sun or partial shade suit them equally well.



*Chives are very similar to onions, they have a bulbous root and green leaves. The bulbs multiply quickly over a few years. Once established, will regrow from their bulbs year after year and only require occasional thinning to keep producing. To propagate chives, carefully separate them into individual bulbs and replant with the tips of the bulbs level with the soil surface.