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How to grow Gerbera Daisy

1) Sow on surface of damp soil and put it at a cool corner waiting for germination. 

2) Transplant the seedling one month later. Pot size 10-15cm

3) Need well drained soil. Prefer 10 hours or more sunlight and avoid direct hot sun.

4) Water the plant during night time or morning time

5) Apply a soluble, complete, low-ammonia fertilizer, such as a 15-5-15 blend, once monthly during the growing season. Mix the fertilizer with water, using the fertilizer label's recommended amounts for flowering plants. Water the Gerbera daisies with the fertilizer solution.

6) Cut off the daisies' dead flowers as they wilt. Doing so encourages continued bud and flower growth.

7) From seeds to bloom, 14 weeks