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Thyme Orange Scents (5 herbs seeds)

Thyme Orange Scents (5 herbs seeds)

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Caution!!! The seeds are very tiny.

(Thymus  fragrantissimus)

*Traditional flavour of Old English Thyme, but Orange Scented Thyme also has a refreshing orange scent and pale pink flowers to attract passing bees.

How to grow:
*Germination: 14-21 days
*Sow on surface of damp soil. Pinch off growing tips of upright varieties to make bushier plants.
*Prefer well-drained but relatively poor soil. Thyme plants are susceptible to fungal diseases, avoid over watering. Wetting their leaves, while watering, also reduces their fragrance.
*To keep plants from becoming too woody, cut back plants by one half after flowering, to encourage new growth. Thyme will become woody and needs to be divided or replaced after 3-4 years.

For cooking:
*The flavor is best just prior to blooming. Often used in meat, poultry and fish dishes.