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Nigella damascena Love in a mist (100 seeds)

Nigella damascena Love in a mist (100 seeds)

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*Height : 15 inches

*A beautiful and easily grown annual with attractive fennel-like foliage. A unique mixture of mauve, lavender, purple, rose and blue. Very useful for bedding and cut flowers. The large seed pods can also be dried for winter decoration indoors.

*It is a short lived plant. For a continuous bloom, repeat sow every 4 weeks. Once your plants have begun to scatter seed, you won't need to continue sowing. Cutting and deadheading will keep your plants flowering a bit longer, but you'll sacrifice the seed pods.

 *Germination takes 21 days or longer. Best soil temperature for germination: 18-21°C (to germinate it at Malaysia weather, you can germinate them indoor, eg.study room). Nigella performs best in cooler growing areas. Once they have germinated, move them to a sunny place and avoid direct hot sun.

*It does not like being transplanted. Best sow directly on individual pot or where you want them to grow. It is not particular about soil quality, best with pH neutral soil. It doesn't like to remain wet.