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Lavender, Spike Lavender 宽叶熏衣草 (20 seeds)

Lavender, Spike Lavender 宽叶熏衣草 (20 seeds)

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Lavandula latifolia


The leaves are evergreen, 3–6 cm long and 5–8 mm broad.

The flowers are pale lilac, produced on spikes 2–5 cm long at the top of slender, leafless stems 20–50 cm long

Lavender seeds need to be placed inside the refrigerator 3 weeks before ready to sow them. 

Just cover the seed with compost and keep the soil damp but not wet. Compost mix with pearlite or vermiculite work wonders. 

After sowing, do not exclude light as this helps germination. Avoid direct exposed to direct hot sunlight

Difference between English Lavender and Spike Lavender

* Leaves: English Lavender has narrow leaves and Spike Lavender has broader leaves

* Aroma: English Lavender has sweeter aromo (used to make essential oil) and Spike Lavender has eucalyptus-like aroma (It is used to scent room sprays, deodorants, soaps, disinfectants, insect repellents, and other products, and it complements these products with its purifying characteristics.)