Blue Sage (50 flower seeds)

Blue Sage (50 flower seeds)

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*Height : 2 - 3 Feet

*BLUE SAGE [ Salvia Farinacea ] is a sub-shrub perennial in warmer climates and an annual where winter temperatures stay below freezing for more than a few hours at a time. 

*The showy flowers are bright blue, about an inch long, and arranged in loose whorls along the upright stem. Mealy Cup Sage, as this plant is commonly called, bears multiple spikes of blue flowers over a long season starting in spring. Leaves are long and toothed, soft and light green tending to silver, especially the undersides.

*BLUE SAGE [ Salvia Farinacea ] is a good bedding plant and useful in borders where brilliant color is desired. The plant can be used as a stunning blue-flowered hedge which will be in bloom for months. The plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and birds.