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Black Skinned Peanut Seeds (15 seeds)

Black Skinned Peanut Seeds (15 seeds)

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* Colour: Black/Purple skin.

* Flavour: Wonderful intense, rich and nutty

* Sow seeds 1-3 inches deep in well-worked sandy soil which is high in organic matter.

* Space the seeds 6-8 inches apart.

* Keep well-watered until the plants start to flower and then water less. If there is too much rain or humidity (or watering!) at flowering time, this can be a cause of blind (empty) pods. Mulching well will help the pegs to become established.

* Harvest: The pods ripen 120 to 150 days after the seeds are planted. If the crop is harvested too early, the pods will be unripe, and if they are harvested late the pods may snap off and remain in the soil.To harvest peanuts, cut off the main root of the peanut plant by cutting through the soil just below the level of the peanut pods. Lift the plant and shake it, and turn it upside and leave to dry - this will take about 3-4 days. Make sure the drying peanuts are well ventilated and kept out of the rain. When dry, remove the peanut pods from the rest of the bush and store them in a cool dry place.