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Adenium Obesum ADN154D (3 seeds)

Adenium Obesum ADN154D (3 seeds)

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注意事项, 介意者请勿下单

1) Quality Seeds from reputable grower. Hand pollination to ensure stability of colours. The chance of similarity to the photo shown is 20% to 80%.

种子来自有信誉的农场,并通过人工授粉以确保花色的稳定性性。开出和照片一样花色的机率介于 20% - 80%

2) Seeds freshness is guaranteed by double sealed in zip lock bag and foil pack. However, different batch of seeds have different germination rate (10% to 100%). It depends on different grower\'s skill too.

本店尽最大的努力确保种子的新鲜度,种子是双重密封包装处理。不同批次的种子发芽率会有不同,介于10% - 100%。另外发芽率也视各人技术而定

2) It takes 6 mths to 3 years from seeds to blooms depends on grower\'s skill.




How to grow Adenium from Seeds? Visit my Adenium growing diary which is having step by step instruction and photo demo. Click here




When you receive the seeds:

1) Soak them in the water for 2-4 hours before sowing in order to increase the germination rate.

2) After sowing, should keep the soil wet for three days until the sprouts appear.

3) The germination rate is between 75% to 95%. When sow seeds under the climate of 20 Celcius to 35 Celsius degrees, the seeds will be able to have a 90% and above of growth.

4) Block 50% of the sunray that directly shines on the plant. Because blocking 50% sunray will create a better climate for the seeds to grow. However after germination they seem to thrive with warmth.

5) Within 10 days after planting the seed, the seeding material needs to be ample water. (before the Desert Rose sprout out its first two leafs, it is not afraid of water).

6) The seed should be laid horizontally into the basin. The best depth under the cultivating materials would be 1 cm 


The Secrets of Having a 95% Adenium Sprouting:

1) The best environmental temperature for the Desert Rose is from 20 to 35 Celsius Degrees.

2) Before sowing the seeds, have it be put into water for at lease“two”to“four” hours.If you are using a hose to water your seeds, you must soak the seeds for two to four hours. But if you water your seeds by sprinkling ,you can first sow your seeds and then just sprinkle your seeds for 15 minutes.

3) For the first week after sowing, please keep the medium(soil) wet for better sprouting.

4) Once the seeds sprout into a two leaf period, decrease the wetness of the medium(soil). Before watering, the surface of the medium needs to be dry.

5) It only takes two months for the seed to sprout and grow into a diameter of 1~2 cm (whereas the temperature must be in the range of 22~35 Celsius degrees).

6) After the seed has sprouted, to fertilize would require sprinkling, as to having the leafs of the Adenium to absorb the fertilizers. Fertilizers used as N,P,K, for every 4 or 5 days until the plant needs to change its pot to a three inch pot.

7). The medium for the three inch basin would require fertilizers that are for longer fertilizing. Meaning, around every ten days, the Adenium would need to be fertilized.