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        I’m married to a wonderful and supportive husband, we have a lovely baby boy. I love working with gardening stuff, threads and fabrics in all the range of colors from bright to muted.


        I live where I work. I feel like I live, work, and create in paradise, and I don’t really want it any other way. 


        I am the designer and creator behind I have thought of myself as an artist since I was a little girl.

        "It also makes me extremely happy and proud to be able to make a living using my hands and my creativity


        My process of creative work:

         design - select fabrics - select matching materials - matching corodinate colours - making them - marketing - take photo  - update blog and facebook - packing - post them out


        My process of seeds work:

        sourcing quality seeds - packing - foil sealed - print label - print instruction - update website and facebook - lias with customers - ship them out